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The Only Bulk & API Email Address Verification Tool You Need To Drastically Reduce Your Bounce Rates, Protect Your Sender Reputation & Increase Your Open Rates!


Bounce Backs Prevented


Deliverability Guaranteed


E-mail Addresses Verified


Quickly validate your entire E-mail list by uploading a csv, txt or lsv file.


Simple RESTful API is available for instant E-mail validation.


Inform clients instantly when they enter an invalid E-mail address.

What is Email Checker?

Email Checker is a web based application that checks E-mail addresses to determine if they are real, fake or dead accounts. Simply upload your E-mail list to our web interface and our system will let you know which E-mail accounts you should not send anything toward in order to avoid bounce backs or spam reports. Anyone who sends E-mails on a regular basis will benefit from this service.

How does it work?

Email Checker allows you to upload and validate large lists of Email addresses quickly and securely. Once inside our system, Email Checker will scan each address 17+ different ways to determine if it is real. Once complete, you will be given a deeply cleaned Email list that you can confidently send Emails toward and not worry about high bounce back rates or people reporting your Emails as spam.

Why Use Email Checker?

Email Checker provides you with a variety of ways to verify Email addresses. Once you become a member, you can verify individual Emails by entering them into our single verification field, or verify large lists by uploading a list of Emails. If you need real-time verification on your website or app, you can use our WordPress plugin or simple RESTful API.

Integrates seamlessly with your favorite delivery services!

Single & Bulk Email Verification

Email Checker can clean any size list you have. Simply upload a file containing a list of your Email addresses and watch our software go to work. It will scan every Email address 17+ different ways to prove its validity. You will be left with the ability to download your clean list or your failed list.

To clean your list, follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Upload your email list via a CSV, TXT or LSV file.
2. Our system will validate each Email 17+ different ways.
3. Download your new, cleaned list.
4. Successfully deliver 97%+ of your Emails. Guaranteed.

bulk email verifier

Real-Time API Email Verification

email verifier api

Email Checker operates the fastest, most accurate API available! That’s a fact. Integrate our simple RESTful API for real-time, on-the-fly checks on your website or inside your app to inform clients immediately if they accidentally misspelled their Email address, or entered a fake address. We offer detailed, yet simple API documentation and integration support.

Our API is commonly integrated into:

• Newsletter Sign-Up Forms
• Registration Forms
• Contact Us Forms
• CRM Software
• Newsletter Delivery Software

View our Developer’s API Documentation

Stop Spam & Invalid Emails By Integrating our API or WordPress Plugin Into Your Website’s Forms!

You cannot always rely on your users to type in their correct Email address, especially from a smartphone. Whether they input an incorrect Email address on purpose or by an accident, integrating Email Checker into your website’s forms will help prevent people from submitting invalid Email addresses.

Common website form integrations include:

• Newsletter Sign-Up Forms
• Registration Forms
• Contact Us Forms
• Submit Email For a “Free Gift” Forms
• …and much more!

email validator dashboard

Pricing Options

Our packages allow you to start small and scale up as you grow.

Volume Rates


Price Per Email

500 – 100K



100K – 500K



500K – 1M



1M – 5M




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All prices above are one-time fees with no contracts or strings attached.

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1,000 Verifications Per Month

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10,000 Verifications Per Month

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$ 420

per month

50,000 Verifications Per Month

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$ 760

per month

100,000 Verifications Per Month

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Unused credits rollover!

Only $0.0076/email verification

All unused Verification Credits are carried over to the next month, so you never lose the credits you had paid for


Email Checker is ready to customize a solution that works for your specific email verification needs.

  • Enterprise Level Service

  • World-Class Validation Technology

  • Super Fast Validation Speeds

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