5 Powerful Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rate

Author: Gen Alabado | August 29, 2016

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

5 Powerful Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rate

Despite the bad rep email marketing has received because of spams and scams, it still remains one of the most effective strategies in terms of engagement rates and returns on investment.

For your email marketing campaign to be successful, however, your open rates should be high. But how do you get people to open your emails? Is there a surefire step-by-step strategy for this?

While there is no definitive strategy for a higher email rate, here are 5 powerful tips to increase your email open rate.

1. Pay Attention to Subject Lines

Subject lines are to emails as outfits are to a person – they are the first thing that catches the eye; thus, you have to make a good impression with your subject lines.

In order to determine what works with your subscribers, run your subject lines through a series of tests in smaller portions. Then, that’s the only time you send it to your master list.

How do you do this?

First, do a split test on two subject lines, sending them to two different segments. After that, send the winning line to those who did not open the losing line. Finally, send your email using the winning subject line to your email subscribers.

2. Content is Still King

Content should be at the very core of your email marketing campaign. Providing premium content is not just good advice for your emails, but in almost all online marketing strategies.


Content helps establish your expertise in your niche or industry. Moreover, if your subscribers find something valuable, informative, and engaging in what you give them, they will keep coming back for more. They will even begin to anticipate receiving your emails.

Note: Sending these types of emails less frequently works best because it builds anticipation.

3. Find Out Which Send Time Works Well

Life is all about timing, says Stacey Charter, including emails. Bad timing can ruin even the best subject line and content. On the other hand, sending your email at the right time will make a big difference on your open rates.

Take note that there is no such thing as “one time fits all.” Instead, get to know who your subscribers are in order to find out what time and day they will most likely open their emails.

Here are a few guidelines to do this:

Where do most of your subscribers live? If they live in New York, what time do they usually check their emails?

Who is your target audience? Are they small to medium-sized business owners or are they health buffs?

What kind of emails are you sending? Find out what time click through rates are higher. If they are higher before lunchtime, then it’s easy to say before noon is the best time to send actionable emails.

4. Simpler is Better

When it comes to your email inbox, the rule is “simpler is better.” Statistics have shown that when people look at their inbox, they only scan three things – the sender, the subject line, and the pre-header text.

People are busy and they have no time to figure out something complicated. More so, they are also wary about spams as they scan their inboxes. So make sure that you get this area right or you will risk your email being labeled as spam. Be clear and simple and you will have a bigger chance increase your email open rates.

5. Have an Email Series

If you want to establish a relationship with your clients, you have to be consistent. Being consistent can help your email open rates increase as well as condition your subscribers’ minds to receive and open your emails. This is where an email series is most helpful.

Have a welcome email series which will act as an onboarding series for your top products, premium offers, and more.

Your Turn:

Try these 5 powerful tips to increase your email open rate to see how your ROI will improve. Once your open rates increase, you will have more opportunities for click-throughs and sales.